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What inspires your creativity? Inspiration can come from any number of places. From the deep recesses of our early memories, from our family and peers, from moments of dreaming, from nature or the creative world.

Storing Wine Through Time

Wine has been an intrinsic part of society for many centuries, used in religious, celebratory and culinary rituals. There has been a diverse range of vessels used, some which have come by chance, some by design.

Wine and Movie Pairings

With so many of us stuck inside right now, I’ve no doubt you are enjoying a few movies to take your mind off the constant stream of COVID-19 news. When it comes to cinema choices the options are endless. So, here are a few of my favourite…

Power and Agency

Your Role at this Time of Need. I don’t really know how to be anything else other than a winemaker. And at this time of year, winemaking is a 14 hour a day job. There’s a whole lot of winemakers currently harvesting grapes, pressing and…

Jancis reviews 2015 Syrah

World renowned, UK wine wrtier, Jancis Robinson, visited the Yarra Valley in Oct/Nov 2019. She visited a number of wineries and tasted many more wines, to present this fabulous thought piece on the region for her website, - All Change in the Yarra Her notes and score of my two wines, the 2015 Syrah and 2016 Chardonnay were more than I could have imagined and for this I am very grateful.
wine health

Is Wine Good For Your Health?

Our relationship with alcohol over the course of human history has been a conflicted one. In one moment, we might curse the effects of wine for having a head-ache, feeling tired and dehydrated. And in another moment, we could be reaching for…
duck recipe

For the Love of Duck

Duck for me is a delicacy. The sweet, gamey, textured, pink meat and its amazing versatility makes it hard for me to ever ignore duck when it is presented to me on a menu. It’s not something I cook regularly at home and maybe that’s why…

Centuries of Refinement: The Art of Wine and Cheese Matching

The middle ages were magical times. Yes the average life expectancy may have only been 40 years of age, and every person’s survival required the hard work of a strong community, but it really was a time when people began to truly innovate. Despite…

With a Golden Glow

First published in Alquimie, 2014. Edited version published below. Relatively unknown and often misunderstood, marsanne is a little different from other more established white grape varieties. Perceptions aside, marsanne can produce world-class…