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If you have an interest in wine, you may know it’s so much more than something you drink.

Wine has been a part of human history since about 6000 BC, with the earliest evidence of wine vessels found in Georgia, Eastern Europe, a country wedged between Turkey and Russia.

This suggests wine has been a core part of society and culture for centuries. And its reach is forever expanding with vineyards now planted in non-traditional wine countries such as India and China.

This rich tapestry of wine history and culture, ancient techniques and new technologies not to mention the long list of wine varieties grown, being rediscovered and made accessible to wine drinkers around the world, provides a great number of stories to share with you.

The Wire is where you’ll find some fascinating insights about wine and related topics. I will share insights from people who know more than me, and present to you some of the delightful topics I really love discovering about wine.

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